6 March 2010

Erika Trotzig - RAYS SS10 Collection - In Store Now!

In the slowly, slowly world of The Convenience Store it's good to have something fresh, light, well designed, sensitive, soft, feminine and new in store. The gradual change of direction for The Convenience Store into clothing and design where 'process' is foremost in the designers mind is taking shape.

Erika's work represents an understated but serious aesthetic. As far removed from celebrity as possible is our new remit, TCS going deeper underground and taking a crop of like minded designers with us. Watch this space, in fact I'm just off to Paris to complete phase 1. In the meantime I asked Erika a few questions about her SS10 'RAYS' collection and I got these mighty fine answers (she described the questions as 'Quite hard').

Shopkeeper: How does your design process begin?

Erika Trotzig: It is difficult to define where my design process begins-I think I have a constant collection in my head, a sort of vague dreamlike image,and the design process is very much about using different influences to try to visualize it. I often start from old photographs of random people in combination with looking at an artists work, Marlene Dumas, Robert Rauchenberg and Joseph Beauys are huge influences as well as the photographs of August Sandler, but it can equally be a fabric that I find or a line in a book or poem. The S/S collection started from looking at images of quite sharp architectures and labyrinths, but it moved into my usual territory of mixing influences from traditional mens wear with an idea of angry, quite sad little girls very quickly.
My collections don't differ very much in themes, I usually work within the same thematic frame work , I just find different ways of expressing it.

SK: What is your ultimate consideration when engaging in design?

ET: I want to design clothes that are ultimately very beautiful and wearable, pushing the wearer's boundaries of what beauty is, at the same time as expressing my love and knowledge of the craft. I design with women in mind, to be able to put on a garment without too much effort and know that you look confident in yourself and your own style.

SK: What will happen to fashion between 2010-2019?

ET: I'm hoping that there will be a move away from mass market clothing as we know it,  a return to the notion of buying individual things of good quality.I think that we will see I huge rise in sustainable clothing, as well as an even further decentralization of fashion. Fashion will become more local, as people will tire of seeing exactly the same thing in every shop on every continent.

SK: Do you consider fashion as a continuum or of the moment? Explain?

ET: I see fashion as a continuum, there is a notion of fashion being fast paced, but I think that is only local to the fashion capitals. I think that there is a continuos under current,that has more to do with peoples aspirations and dreams visualized through wearing clothes than with the latest catwalk moment, and for me that is the beauty of designing-to be able to tap into and encourage self expression.

SK: Can 'fashion' have artistic value?

ET: Absolutely, in the same way as art questions and pushes the boundaries of peoples consciousness, fashion has a possibility to inspire passion and move people, but often in more subtle ways. see above.

Posted by The Shopkeeper at 15:33