30 March 2010

BOUDICCA WODE (available at our 'E' Store).

My favourite 'Blue' fragrance is now available to buy at The Convenience 'E' Store. Much has been said about WODE the BOUDICCA fragrance that sprays on 'violent blue' and disappears from sight. The resulting scent is unique and intoxicating, I was once stopped by a regular guy on Goldborne Road who instantly fell under the spell of the scent, can you imagine if he had seen my application performance 20 minutes earlier! He asked me where I purchased it, I pointed at the Tower, he looked at me inquisitively, I said 'Really'. He complemented my taste in perfumery and I complemented his sense of smell. We went our separate ways. The memory lingers like rare black hemlock extract, raw opium, and tonka bean.

For those of you still in the dark PLEASE CLICK HERE! When you return you should probably GO HERE!

.....and for the record, it smells like this!

"The first visible Fragrance, WODE by BOUDICCA sprays on VIBRANT COBALT BLUE and then disappears from view leaving only a fragrance opening with herbal spicy notes of juniper berry, cardamon, nutmeg absolute, clary sage, coriander seed and angelica root. A touch of fresh hesperidic and lighter floral notes add airiness. Other rare elements include black hemlock extract, raw opium, tonka bean, styrax resin, treemoss and saffron. Amber animalic notes are also present".


Posted by The Shopkeeper at 16:42