30 March 2010

Anti Sweden's darkness has escaped from The Tower.

Rico from Anti turned up at the tower one day with a pair of jeans, black with yellow hardwear, I asked her if she had any other styles, she said 'no, just another wash'. I said, 'great!'. Just what we were looking for, a denim brand with only one style in 2 washes = editing, that's very TCS.

The fit is unisex, especially if you're a skinny boy or girl for that matter and it is truly the blackest, black I've seen in denim. The Swedish yellow on all the fittings scream like the sound of a black metal guitar (I imagine).

Anti is a very interesting brand, born out of a design office and conceived as a product rather than as fashion (out of fashion), they have 2 simple mandates, the first is to challenge the dominance of their very well presented neighbors, Sweden. In fact, they pledge to refund 30% of the cost of a new pair of Anti-Sweden jeans when you trade in a pair of Swedish denims. The second is even simpler, Black Metal. I found this quote on their very cool website.

"We are now taking up the friendly fight that has existed between our two countries since the liquidation of the alliance in 1905. While minimalism is at teh heart of both Scandinavian countries, we Norwegians embrace the dark and occult that are central to our identity".


A good sense of humour in these austere times. Very sexy too a kind of contemporary uniform.

The good news is you can buy them at our E Store at £99.90 (that's 666 upside down).

Posted by The Shopkeeper at 17:28