17 March 2010

Spanner and Wingnut (We love the name!)

News from the Tower:

Anneka Moore has just been in and delivered the first installment of her new Jewelery line, 'Spanner and Wingnut'. Every time I say it, I like the name just a little bit more. Anyway, each piece has been lovingly hand made by the designer, something that is incredibly rare and hard to say in this world of profile designers (whatever happened to the good old days of market stalls and cottage industry). Anneka developed her love for jewellery whilst studying at Central St Martins (London) and her passion lies in the use of contemporary shape to provide innovative design. She employs traditional manufacturing techniques in combination with a sense of youthful fun and playfulness. My son loves the T Rex, but it has to be in gold though, and it was hard to relieve him of the 'Duster' (I felt it inappropriate for nursery). Playful but perhaps not suitable for 3 year olds!

These charming pieces would be described as 'miniature' and are definitely 'Local'. Now available at The Convenience Store.

Posted by The Shopkeeper at 19:21